The new Athena Blackberry will have a dual camera and physical keyboard


Blackberry, hand in hand with TLC, which is the company that now licenses its brand, is still working on new smartphones that try to combine classic features with modern ones.

This is something that we have seen on previous occasions but that reaches a new level in the Blackberry Athena, a device that has been leaked thanks to the Chinese patent office and that lets us see both the design of this new terminal and some of its characteristics.

Qwerty physical keyboard

The new Athena Blackberry will have a dual camera and physical keyboard

As a good Blackberry device, the Athena will have a front space designed for a physical keyboard with a multitude of keys, something that we have not seen in other companies for a long time.

In the space bar of that keyboard is where the fingerprint sensor is included, something that we already saw in the Blackberry KEYone that we analyzed.

It also keeps the increasingly anachronistic 3.5 mm headphone jack, an element that although it is called to disappear, like physical keyboards is still highly valued.

If you look at the aesthetics, you can appreciate Blackberry’s effort to make frames of this model more contained, to point to more discreet lines and to give more space to the keyboard compared to other models.

The perimeter metal frame seems somewhat sharp in the hand although it will have to be tested to confirm it. It also highlights the fourth button that is under the volume and ignition, with a different texture.

In the back we see an upper area that seems finished in leather or imitation leather and a lower area with a texture that seems to help the grip.

Double back camera

But if we return to the present we see that this new model is also aimed at trends such as the double rear camera and the USB charging connector C. This last we saw in other previous models of this manufacturer but it is the first to come with a double camera behind.

At the moment there are no new features data presentation dates, although in previous leaks it has been speculated that it would take a Snapdragon 660, 64 GB of internal memory and two variants with 6 and 8 GB of RAM


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