Samsung patents smartphone with notch!


Samsung has recently patented a smartphone with a notch similar to that of the iPhone X. As suggested by the drawings filed with a Chinese organization, Samsung is considering giving way to the notch launched by his rival Apple. In addition to this notch model, the Korean manufacturer has also filed a patent for a smartphone with a screen that covers 99% of the front panel.

This year, the notch of discord, first appeared on the screen of the iPhone X and the Essential Phone is everywhere. After the Huawei P20, after the Asus Zenfone 5Z, after the OnePlus 6, Samsung could well, like its rivals, give in and equip a future Galaxy model of a notch. A patent filed March 30, 2018, with the State Intellectual Property Office of the People’s Republic of China (SIPO) proves: Samsung is studying this option.

Samsung will it give way to the fashion of the notch launched by the iPhone X?

As shown by the diagrams relayed by our colleagues from Mobielkopen, the notch patented by Samsung is narrower than that of the iPhone X but much larger than that of the Huawei P20. In this notch, one should find the front camera of the smartphone, the technology needed for the Intelligent Scan and a speaker (probably designed by AKG). Note that the phone described in the diagrams is not equipped with an apparent fingerprint sensor. Unless Samsung has decided to rely 100% on facial recognition, like Apple, we can expect a sensor under the screen, like the Huawei Mate RS, Porsche Design version of the P20, or the Vivo X20 Plus UD, the pioneer in the field.

Nevertheless, Samsung is not yet fully convinced by the notch. The giant in Seoul has filed another patent, which lifts the veil on an amazing smartphone 100% borderless. There is no sensor, no camera, and no front speaker. This diagram is reminiscent of a patent filed by Meizu. The Chinese manufacturer has managed to remove the notch by integrating all the front sensors under the screen. Samsung could he resort to a trick of this kind? After tapping the notch of the iPhone X during the presentation of the Galaxy S9, the world leader in the smartphone could it end up aping its main competitor?




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