Nintendo is looking for startups for new switch ideas


Nintendo now seems to be looking more closely at the startup industry as it looks for new accessories and new ideas for the switches.

It’s not necessarily Nintendo’s practice to open up and work with third-party companies and startups. But the switch is not a traditional console, and Nintendo is doing a lot different here, including now. Nintendo works with Scrum Ventures and together they are looking for new ideas for the Switch.

The main thing here is that they can pitch their projects and, at best, be financially supported and supported by Nintendo. Nintendo has already demonstrated with Project Labo that they are trying out entirely new possibilities, now they want to see the ideas of creative minds outside the company.
Scrum Ventures validates the quality and creativity of projects and looks to see if they fit the switch. However, you can not pitch games. Although Nintendo is not only looking for creative hardware, but also software, one does not want to support traditional games in this way. It looks like there’s going to be an exciting and experimental phase in front of the switch. Nintendo has already confirmed that they will work on new possibilities even after Labo.



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