Huawei would like to show a foldable smartphone in 2018


Huawei is reportedly planning to present a foldable smartphone in November 2018. One would like to get the “We were the first” titles.

Many large companies are to work on foldable smartphones and if we report here in the blog, then fall mostly the names LG and Samsung. But Huawei is working on such a model and has probably worried for a display at LG Display. But not only that, you would like to get hold of the “We Got It Out First” title and show it in November 2018. However, the device should not come to the market yet.

Huawei will probably then get feedback and see what you can implement in the final device. If that’s true, we’ll be close to a foldable smartphone in 2018, but will not see it retail. Unless another manufacturer like Samsung is faster and I can well imagine that they are trying to show such a model even before Huawei.
What we can probably expect this year but rather: technology demos. These are likely to be more mature than in recent years and damn close to the final device go, but the race of the major manufacturers will probably ensure that they prefer their devices show a little too early.



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