“GTA V”: The video game is now the most profitable cultural product in history


The fifth opus Grand Theft Auto broke a record. The video game released in 2013 has sold 90 million copies and has reported no less than six billion dollars to its publisher Take-Two Interactive, according to the marketplace MarketWatch.

The $ 265 million game at Rockstar Game makes it the most profitable cultural asset in history.

Much more profit than a movie

GTA V has brought in more than just movies like Star Wars or Gone with the Wind, both of which raised more than $ 3 billion.

Even adding DVD sales and VOD, “no blockbuster supports the comparison,” says analyst Doug Creutz. According to him, sales on these media can reap the best one billion dollars more.

More expensive than a movie ticket

To differentiate GTA from a film, the site took the example of Avatar, the most profitable feature film. James Cameron’s film cost $ 237 million (about $ 30 million less than GTA) but was half as much ($ 2.8 billion). The difference is explained by the much higher price of the game (70 euros) compared to a movie ticket.

Since its release, the game available on many platforms (PC and consoles) is still at the top of the sales rankings. At the end of 2017, it was still in sixth place in the United States and continues to outpace competitors, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (2011) and Black Ops (2010).

All is well, therefore, for the publisher Take-Two Interactive, whose action has risen by 998% since the release of the game.


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