Google Pixel: Sales officially discontinued

Google has stopped the sale of the first pixel of official site, it probably was not worth the model to continue to produce until the fall.
The Google Pixel of 2016 has disappeared from the Google Store, from now on you can only find the Google Pixel 2. I would honestly have thought that Google will sell the first pixel until the third pixel in the fall, but you have the production set and now only the remainders are sold.
The first pixel was due to the two-year update guarantee for major updates (Pixel 2 is three years) and equipment is not necessarily a good recommendation, but especially as a developer, it was probably enough, if you just have a smartphone with the most current version of Android would like.
If you still want to get a Google Pixel, then take a look at the price comparison. The Google Pixel is just over 300 euros and the Google Pixel XL is just over 400 euros. Now that I see it that way, for just under 300 euros, the small pixel in free trade is not such a bad choice.


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