Android P Name: New Google wallpapers invite you to speculate


It’s the same Google situation every year, and of course, we’ll be speculating on the potential name for Android P as well.

Google also likes to do that, for example by tweeting an appropriate candy or hiding information from other sources. For example with the new wallpapers for spring 2018. You can download them here if you are interested. But we are only interested in a wallpaper, of which I have just included a small section here:

Google has shared the wallpapers on their own Instagram account, but in the stories, so they will disappear soon. As you can see, a wallpaper is full of style. In English, the Popsicle is called, which would be a name for a candy and a potential name for Android P. I do not think so.

I exclude Android 9.0 Popsicle now As I judge Google, it is no coincidence that you have built and shared such a wallpaper. I even think that we can now remove the name “Android 9.0 Popsicle” from the list because the real name is never actually teased by Google. One uses the teasers like the alternatives.

The question remains, what would be a possible name for Android P? I keep typing on a pancake, the pie I think is too general and the other alternatives I just do not find so optimal. Although I could also imagine Poptarts, Google has already shown in KitKat and Oreo, that you also like famous brands in the selection of the name into consideration. After Nestlé and Mondelēz International would then enter into a partnership with the Kellogg Company.


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