Android Messages: Write, send and receive SMS on PC will soon be possible


Android Messages will soon send SMS via his computer to a smartphone. Developers in the XDA community have discovered a device to pair their Google account with a web interface dedicated to the company’s SMS application. The feature is long overdue by many users, the deployment now seems imminent.

XDA discovered that Google was preparing a web portal-based feature that allows Android Message users to send or access their SMS remotely from a PC. This feature supports all the most popular web browsers like: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Edge. The application also seems able to remember the last computer the user has used. An approach that follows the messaging trend like WhatsApp also having a web interface.
Android Messages: A web interface soon available to write, send and receive SMS on PC.


When Google has decided to deploy the novelty, a “messages for the web” option will be available in the application. The user will have to scan a QR code using his smartphone to work a dedicated portal. This will link the Google Account to the service. SMS always remain stored on the smartphone and to send the users are naturally dependent on their device. Can not enjoy the service if the smartphone is out of order. However, users will have the privilege of accessing it from anywhere, as long as a connection between the service and the smartphone can be established.



There are already applications to send and receive SMS from his PC for a long time on Android. However, it is still nice to have this type of option on an application as popular as Google. XDA has made some screenshots so we can see the new possibilities of this future feature. Things are now in place, deployment seems imminent. Share your thoughts in comments about this new feature.


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